The Visualisation Of Law In Academic Traditions And The Teaching Of Law


Poznań 2022

ISBN 978-83-7654-459-5
ISBN 978-83-7768-287-6

okładka twarda, str. 520

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The book presents the results of research on the visualisation of law in academic traditions and the teaching of law. The volume contains articles by authors from 11 countries and begins with the topic of university insignia, starting with one of the first universities in Central Europe (Prague) and the first in Poland (Krakow), through slightly younger universities in Salzburg, Tartu (Dorpat) and Vilnius, to the insignia and costumes of the law faculties in Leuven/Louvain and Warsaw. University buildings are also of interest to lawyers, as they were not only a place for research and teaching, but also for exercising power. Other articles explore the use of images in university documents, the depiction of academic tradition by painters, and the possibilities of using images in teaching law. The volume ends with an article on the contemporary possibilities of illustrating the norms of the applicable law through the example of the Polish Constitution. Legal norms and the exercise of power have been presented and visualised over the course of many centuries, and this continues to be an important phenomenon in view of the increasing importance of the image.


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